Cosplay ‘Boob Plate’ Pattern



This is the pattern I drafted and used to create my Queen Elizabeth armor from Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere!

My natural bust measures approx 35 inches and with this on it measures 44 inches. So feel free to make any adjustments necessary to fit your needs!

You can use eva foam or upholstery/padding foam, depending on the look you are going for and your needs! Just be sure to have really clean/invisible seams!

The pattern comprises of 4 pieces each printed on 8×11 inch paper. Please select ‘actual size’ when printing instead of your ‘fit to page’ option if possible for the most accurate sizing. And feel free to refer to the pattern assembly photo on the product page for any further guidance!

The pattern will be downloadable via the link in your order confirmation email! If you do not receive it please contact me asap via email to the email provided within 3 business days of purchase.