Truth be told I became a Wonder Woman fan through this cosplay. As a black Caribbean female growing up I never felt a connection to Diana Prince as a character; she didn’t look like me and growing up outside the US the star spangled undies didn’t help. As a child I felt more connected to characters like Storm and the Xmen, she looked like me and what the Xmen represented was something I could easily identify with. But as soon as I saw the costume design for the character from a purely design based perspective I felt like I HAD TO MAKE IT. I thought it was the perfect re-imagining needed, it looked strong, powerful, badass and not too nationalistic. Through some divine happenstance, I was then actually hired by Caribbean Cinemas to create the cosplay and thought to myself, clearly this was something I was meant in one way or the other to create. I then started reading up on her more to get an appreciation of the character, in particular, the work of Gail Simone, Nicola Scott, Phil Jimenez and others truly inspired me. After wearing it to the premiere and finally seeing the effect this character had on not only adults but little children who like me are growing up without seeing themselves represented in the media everything came full circle for me. Now this is one of my favorite characters to cosplay, I do it not only for myself but for the little girls who need this representation. This cosplay also was therefore another turning point for me and has helped to set me on my current path.  #representationmatters I made everything for this cosplay from scratch!
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