This cosplay took me a little over a year to make! I initially redesigned this iconic character to debut at Blizzcon 2019 but was unable to get it finished to the level I would have been happy with in time, so I worked on it for 2020 and entered it into Blizzconline 2021 where I won my category of Best Modern Creation! I am extremely proud of this costume! From the electronic elements to the engineering of a rotating coral reef to the thousands of iridescent fabric covered scales that were all hand cut, this cosplay is truly a work of art! And it only gets more awesome once your turn off the lights and behold my take on recreating bioluminescence!I have a full write up on this build across my IG and FB if you would like to see how I made it! You can also check out the video to see everything in motion in the media section of this website!
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