My favorite and most demanding cosplay to date! I won a regional cosplay tournament with this cosplay and it took me 8 months to complete! I initially thought that it was impossible to create a lifelike cosplay of Demona until I chanced upon the predator cosplay forums where I saw talented fans create latex body suits. This gave me the idea of how I would approach making this cosplay. I went through 2 gallons of latex ordered from the US with all the trial and error but it was worth it in the end. I sculpted each muscle group from dense mattress foam using an electric knife and stuck it unto a ‘seamless’ spandex body suit that I had created. The suit was then painted with a spray gun. I chose to forego adding any muscle contouring as I thought it didn’t fit the look of the cartoon. It was really hard getting that pale grey/blue color Demona is known for since latex paints dries darker than what you see in your mixing well so alot of approximation and averaging had to be done.The wings were initially supposed to be able to cloak around her shoulders like the cartoon and then open up but the mechanics of that proved a lil bit too difficult for us. My friend Dwayne was the engineer behind the pvc frames used for the wings while I hand painted and covered them with fabric. All in all this cosplay helped push my creative boundaries and I am now excited to try things I probably thought impossible before! You can say this cosplay represented a turning point for me in more ways than one.
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