This form is reserved for convention organisers and event planners. If you would like a convention to invite me as a guest feel free to contact them and let them know!


As a guest I’d love to offer the following services:

  • Judging Cosplay Competitions. I have been the head judge of the Caribbean Cosplay Championship for over 5 years and have experience judging cosplay competitions generally for over 10 years.
  • Hosting Panels and workshops. I host crafting workshops on sewing, introduction to worbla armor crafting and panels on cosplay with q and a sessions!
  • Doing cosplay stage performances
  • Hosting or Mc-ing various convention programming! If you think any of your con events can benefit from the touch of a warm Caribbean accent I’d be glad to Mc anything from competitions, fashions shows etc.
  • Photo and autograph sessions
  • And of course attending your convention in cosplay


If you would like to discuss me doing this and more at your event feel free to contact me with any details!

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